Report Wrapper


What is this macro for?

A macro to wrap any attachments that you would like to display within Report Column or Report Block macros.

Why do I need to wrap my attachments?

One typical usage is if your report query (using either a Local Reporter or a Content Reporter macro) is reporting on child pages or even pages from another space. However, you want to customize the report by having a photo attachment displayed in each column result, but this attachment is located inside the same page of the report.

This wrapper will let the report render the attachment with respect to its source location and context so it will help you avoid the "Unknown Attachments" tags that Confluence may show. 

How do I use this macro?

This macro can be used anywhere within the report structure. Place the attachment inside the Report Wrapper macro body.


NameRequiredAvailable InMigratable to Cloud?Default ValueDescription
Server, Data Center
A name for this wrapper. (Optional)

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