User Reporter


This will find a list of Confluence users matching the specified criteria. Either a user or group must be specified to return a value.

This macro must be used within a report display macro (e.g.: Report List or Report Table).

The users' details can be accessed via the User Supplier. For example, to get the user's full name, use the Report Info macro like so:

report-info:user:full name


NameRequiredAvailable InMigratable to Cloud?Default ValueDescription
Server, Data Center
The comma-separated list of usernames to report on.
Server, Data Center

The comma-separated list of groups the users have membership in. Each group name may be prefixed with a "+" (to indicate the group is required) or "-" (to indicate the group should be excluded).

e.g.: "+foo, -bar" will include only users in the 'foo' group who are not also in the "bar" group.

Server, Data Center

KEY > permission - the comma-separated list of spaces where the user must have certain permissions on. By default, the permission is view. Otherwise, you may specify one of the following after the ">":

  • view - (default) the user can view the space.
  • edit - the user can edit pages.
  • admin - the user has administration access.
  • news - the user can post a news entry.
  • comment - the user can post a comment.

e.g.: SpaceKey1>view, SpaceKey2>news

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