Building a Forum in Confluence with Reporting


With its flexibility and rich features, the Reporting add-on allows you to transform a Confluence space into a discussion forum for users, similar to forum software such as phpBB or vBulletin. 

Forums are a great way for users to share ideas and discussions in an informal space.

Using an individual page with its comments as a forum thread, a Report Table is placed on the space's front page to generate a list of forum threads.

  • To create a new forum thread, create a new blank page. Whenever a user comments on the thread, the thread is moved to the top.
  • To sort the results by most recent comment posted, the Date Sort macro is used.

The Reporting add-on contains a List of Suppliers that can be used to manipulate data from a Confluence instance. 

In this recipe, the Page SupplierCollection Supplier and Comment Supplier are used to gather the data to generate the forum's front page and includes all page titles, page creators, all page comments with timestamps, as well as the comment creators.




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