Listing pages that were modified by current user


This guide allows you to generate a list of pages that the current user has either created or modified, even if they were not the last person to modify it.

For example, if a user created and edited a page on July 12th, then someone else edited the page on July 13th, the report would show the date of the current user's modification date as well as the date it was most recently modified by someone else.

This is possible because the Content Supplier allows reporting of pages that have been recently modified. And using the modifier key, it is also possible to report the user who most recently modified the page.

Be aware that if there are thousands of edits on a single page, the report may take a long time to generate.




Storage format

Macro structure

You can recreate the example in the editor view:


  1. Create Report Table and tick Injected parameter.

  2. Within Report Table macro, create Content Reporter macro and types set it to "page".

  3. Within Content Reporter macro, create Text Filter macro and set the following parameters:
    Keycontent:version history > collect "modifier"
    Contains Value%global:current user%

  4. Under Content Reporter macro, create four Report Column macros.

  5. Set the first Report Column macro's Title to "Page Title" and add a Report Info macro within it.
    Set the Report Info macro's Key to "page:title".
    Tick the Link To Item.

  6. Set the second Report Column macro's Title to "Date created or last modified by me".

  7. Within the second Report Column, create a Report List macro with max result =1

  8. Within the Report List macro, add a Local Reporter macro
    Set the Local Reporter macro's key to "content:version history"

  9. Within Local Reporter macro, create Text Filter macro and set the following parameters:
    Contains Value%global:current user%

  10. Create a Report Body macro

  11. Within the Report Body macro, insert 2 Report Info macros
    Set the first Report info macro's Key to "content:modification date"
    Set the second Report info macro's Key to "content:version

  12. Set the third Report Column macro's Title to "Last Modified By".
    Set the Report Info macro's Key to "content:modifier".

  13. Set the forth Report Column macro's Title to "Last modified on".
    Set the Report Info macro's Key to "content:modification date".