Salesforce Mentions does not load and produces error due to insufficient permissions


When Mentions is clicked, a pop-up menu produces an error instead of showing every Salesforce Object on a Confluence page:


  • Confluence or JIRA version

  • Add-on version

Diagnostics Steps

Generate HAR file and search for error, etc - basically steps for user to identify the issue. Empty the section if not applicable.


There are two possible causes of this issue:

  1. Salesforce & Confluence Cloud Connector (addon_com.servicerocket.confluence.salesforce) user does not have permission on the space where the page with Salesforce macro exists 
  2. The page that has Salesforce macro is restricted from Salesforce & Confluence Cloud Connector (addon_com.servicerocket.confluence.salesforce) user

When you install this add-on, it automatically creates a user with the name Salesforce & Confluence Cloud Connector (addon_com.servicerocket.confluence.salesforce). This user is then automatically added to the space permission where the Salesforce macro is in use and should not be removed to prevent denied access which could cause this problem.


Give Salesforce & Confluence Cloud Connector (addon_com.servicerocket.confluence.salesforce) user the appropriate permission on space and page level.


List down the resolution if any. If it's a bug, state that it's tracked internally. Once bug is fixed, update the KB with add on version that has the fix. Empty the section if not applicable. Note: You can't have both Workaround and Resolution sections empty. Either one should be filled in.