Salesforce Object Macro


The Salesforce Object macro allows users to:

  1. Display either a link to a Salesforce Object on a Confluence page; or
  2. Display a table generated from data in Salesforce fields.


NameRequiredAvailable InMigratable to Cloud?Default ValueDescription
The default value of the Connection will depend on what the Confluence administrator set in the add-on Connection set-up.
Allows the user to choose which Salesforce Connection to use for this macro.
Object URL
The URL of the Salesforce Object the user wants to display on the Confluence page.
Render as Table
Enabling this option renders the chosen Salesforce Object fields to be rendered as a table. The fields are specified in the textbox below this parameter.

This parameter is only enabled if both the Object URL is provided and the Render as Table checkbox is selected.

Allows the user to type in the Salesforce Object fields that he wants displayed and rendered as a table.

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