Associating a Case with a Confluence Page


This page will show you how to associate a Salesforce Case with a Confluence Page.

Before proceeding, ensure that the following has already been completed:

  1. Installed the Salesforce Package,
  2. Set up a connection, and
  3. Configured Salesforce with the installed Salesforce Package.

Step-By-Step Guide

  1. Open the Salesforce Case you want to associate with a Confluence page.
  2. In the Visualforce page section that you created, there should be an Associate Confluence Page button.

    Click the button.

  3. When the Associate Confluence Page pops up, type in the Confluence page you want to associate the Case with, and a menu with all available choices will appear.

  4. Choose your desired Confluence page and then click Create.
  5. Once the association is successful, the page will be displayed.