Using the Salesforce Table Macro with Charts

A very useful application of the Using Salesforce Table macro would be to combine it with Atlassian's Chart macro.

The following is a quick and simple example of what is possible when you use Salesforce Table with Charts.

Step-By Step Guide

If you are unfamiliar with the Using Salesforce Table macro, do read the macro reference page.

  1. Let's start with creating a Saved Filter.

  2. For this example, we have created a Saved Filter which searches for all Opportunities under "Grand Hotels":

    This is the SOQL Query that was generated:

    SELECT Name, Amount FROM Opportunity WHERE Name LIKE 'Grand Hotels%' ORDER BY Name ASC NULLS FIRST 

    We have saved this Saved Filter under the name of "Grand Hotels Opp".

  3. Now, on an empty page, create a Chart macro.

  4. Edit the Chart macro and change the Type parameter to "Bar".


    Click Save.

  5.  Within the Chart macro, create a Salesforce Table macro:


  6. Edit the Salesforce Table macro.
    Let's use the Saved Filter we created earlier on.


    Click Save.

    As a sidenote, this is what the Salesforce Table would look like without using the Chart macro:


  7. Save the Confluence page to view the result: