Configuring the Salesforce SSO 1-click Button Pre-requisites

There are a few requirements:

  • API must be enabled for the organization
  • API must be enabled for the user that you want to use with this plugin, this is assigned via the permissions and roles in administration

Configuring the Link

The automatic authentication into Confluence is achieved via a link from (either in the Customer Portal or the Admin Portal) which also includes details of the current user's session details, this can be achieved by appending the following to the end of any link to Confluence in a component (can be a Button, Link or VisualForce page):


So, taking the "" dashboard as an example, you could configure a Link in with the following template:{!$Api.Session_ID}&domain={!$Api.Partner_Server_URL_200} 

The session and domain parameters are used to validate the user's session, after which, the user is automatically authenticated into the respective system.