Salesforce Entity


Displays a list of Salesforce entities in a table format, the set of data that is obtained can be restricted by specifying a set of conditions.

Consult the Salesforce Confluence Query Conditions for more details on the conditions available.


NameRequiredAvailable InMigratable to Cloud?Default ValueDescription
Object Type
The Salesforce Object Type. Refer to the SalesForce Standard Object API to find out what Object Types are available. 
Refer to Salesforce Confluence Query Conditions for more details and also to the Salesforce Standard Object API for reference on what fields are available.
Specify which fields to include in the table as a comma separated list. If not specified, all available fields for the given Salesforce Entity will be displayed.

Editor View


Lets say you have a Case in which contains a set of information.

Image: A case with a set of information

Use the following macro:


This displays a subset of the details (including: CaseNumber, Subject, Reason, Type, Status, Priority and Origin as specified in the macro) within a Confluence page in a table.

Image: A subset of the details displayed in a table within Confluence

You can also click each of the rows in the table to open up the actual Case within (opens in a new window or tab)

Tutorial Examples