Soql Reporter


This macro requires valid licenses for both the Connector for and Confluence and the Reporting plugin.

To obtain licenses, visit the following pages:

Allows reporting of Objects using SOQL.

This reporter will obtain data from from a SOQL query.

The data is obtained using the configured connection. (See Configuring the Connector for details on how to set up or modify this connection.)



NameRequiredAvailable InDefault ValueDescription



The SOQL query to execute in SalesForce.

The result of the query will be made available to the Supplier.

Editor View


Simple Query

{soql-reporter:query=SELECT Account.Name, Name,Amount,StageName From Opportunity}
{report-column:title=Stage Name}{report-info:sf:StageName}{report-column}

Displays a table with a list of all of the Opportunities, grouped by account, with the opportunity, amount and name of the stage of the opportunity.

Aggregrated Query

{soql-reporter:query=SELECT StageName, Count(ID) CT From Opportunity Group By StageName} {soql-reporter}

Displays a table with a list of Opportunity's Name of Stage and its frequency.

Tutorial Examples