Displaying a List of Unclosed Cases

Let's use the Salesforce Entity to display a list of unclosed cases.


Connector for Salesforce.com and JIRA


  1. Create a Salesforce Entity macro.
  2. The Insert 'Salesforce entity' Macro pop-up window will appear:


  3. In the * field, enter "Case" because we want the macro to search in Salesforce Cases for the entities.

  4. In the conditions field, type "Status=ne:Closed".
    This basically says that we want to search all Cases that do not have the Status of Closed.
    For more information on Conditions, consult the SalesForce.com Confluence Query Conditions page. 

  5. In the fields field, type the fields that you would like to show. Leaving this empty will show all fields.
    For this example, let's enter "ownerid, casenumber, priority, subject, description, status".

  6. You should now have something that looks like this:


  7. Click Insert and Save the page.



You should have something that looks like this: