Configuring Chatter

This is a guide to enable Chatter integration in Salesforce. With this feature, JIRA comments can either be posted to Case Feed (Chatter) or Chatter comments can be posted to an associated JIRA issue. This is currently only supported for Case objects.

When someone creates or edits a comment in JIRA, a post will be made to the Case Feed of the corresponding associated Case object and vice versa. 

The post will be made if:

  • Chatter Feed setting is enabled in Salesforce, per the step-by-step guide below.
  • The JIRA or Chatter comment satisfies comment privacy and hashtag filters set by the admin.
  • The associated JIRA issue is not marked as 'View-only'.

Note that the Chatter post is posted by the administrator account configured for the connection. This behavior cannot be changed due to limitation of the Salesforce Chatter API. A remark, however, is provided to indicate the actual user who left the comment in JIRA.

To enable Chatter integration in JIRA, visit Configuring Connection Settings in JIRA.

Step-By-Step Guide

  1. Log into your Salesforce and click  > Setup.
    If you are using Salesforce Classic, click Setup located on the upper right pane.

  2. In the sidebar, use Quick Find to type "Installed Packages" then click the Installed Packages link that appears.

  3. Look for "JIRA Cloud for Salesforce" and click Configure.

  4. On the Comment Configuration section, check the box next to Chatter Feed.

What's Next?

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