Create a two-way workflow between Jira issues and Salesforce Legal records

As a services manager you receive requests often from different customers with different needs. Once you prepare a statement of work(SOW), you would need to access the legal team for final contract/proposal preparation. You'll now want to have a seamless workflow between the services team (working on Jira) and the legal team (who are working on Salesforce).

This use case shows you how to build a bidirectional workflow between Salesforce and Jira using Connector for Salesforce & Jira. Together with Jira's built-in functions like custom fields, workflows, post-functions, and Automation for Jira.


You will need the following installed on your Jira environment. This works for both Jira Cloud and Jira Server.

You will need some basic understanding on the following Jira features:

Complete scenario

The Teams:

  1. The team that resides on Salesforce is the Legal team.

  2. The team that resides on Jira is the support and services team

The Scenario:

  1. A customer reaches out to the organization's support team seeking their assistance.

  2. Support/Services then creates an internal Jira ticket for their request of a SOW/pre-contract.

  3. The created Jira ticket is synced with a Legal Case in Salesforce.

  4. The Legal team will find new Case created in Salesforce and work on them.

  5. The Legal team updates the object in Salesforce once they have provided what they need and it'll automatically get updated in Jira.

  6. The Services team that is working with the customer can now update the customer with the information that they need.

Building this use case

⚙️ Part 1 Setup Salesforce

⚙️ Part 2 Setup Jira

⚙️ Part 3 Setup Workflow Status/Post-function

⚙️ Part 4 Automation for Jira