"This is probably not the page you are looking for" error


When trying to authorize the connection, after logging into Salesforce, rather than continuing to the configuration wizard, an error page like this is shown instead.


  • JIRA Cloud

Diagnostics Steps

  • Check the URL shown in the browser and whether it contains this string - "OAUTH_APP_ACCESS_DENIED"

    If you do not see the "OAUTH_APP" string, proceed to this related KB page instead.
  • In Salesforce, navigate to Apps > Connected Apps > Manage Connected Apps to check the connector policies.


Either the Salesforce user being used for authorization has not been approved by the Salesforce admin, or the connector is not set to "All users may self-authorize".


Do either of the following:

  • Make sure that the Salesforce user being used for authorization is approved by the Salesforce admin. More details are available on this Salesforce page.
  • Or, edit the policies to change the Permitted Users option to "All users may self-authorize"