Working with attachments in Salesforce

This page documents features regarding attachments, with regards to Salesforce users, in Connector for Salesforce & Jira.

For an overview of how attachments work between Jira and Salesforce, visit Working with attachments.


  • The attachment synchronization feature must be turned on by an admin through a Connection setting called Synchronize Attachments.

Pushing Salesforce attachments to Jira

  • Manually
    1. Attach a file to Salesforce object.
    2. To push the attachment to an associated Jira issue click on the Push button available for the corresponding association. (You can also click on the Pull button on the corresponding association in the overview panel located in right sidebar in Jira issue page).

      When a push is triggered:

      1. All attachments in Salesforce will be pushed to Jira, regardless of whether attached prior or after the association.
      2. Attachment already existing in Jira will not be pushed to again. 
        • Currently we compare attachment name and size for this purpose in order to not duplicate attachments.
      3. A push/pull is not available for View Only associations, so pushing attachments is also not possible for them.

  • Automatically

Pulling Jira attachments from Salesforce

From inside Salesforce, you can retrieve attachments from Jira:

  • Automatically - when the association is configured with Auto Pull.
    • Click Configure > Auto Pull.
  • Manually - click on Pull in the pull-down menu available for the association.

Similar to push:

  • All attachments in Jira will be pulled to Salesforce, regardless attached to Jira prior or after the association.
  • Attachment already exists in Salesforce (same name) will not be pulled to Salesforce.
  • Read-only association is not affected.

Working with Salesforce Files

Connector for Salesforce & Jira is compatible with the Salesforce Files feature.

To use the Connector with Salesforce Files, the Create Salesforce Attachment as Files setting must first be turned on by an admin through a Connection setting called Synchronize Attachments.

Attachments attached to a Salesforce object via the Feed tab (Chatter) is supported as long as Create Salesforce Attachment as Files is enabled.

Take note that there is a 25MB file size limitation whether you're synchronizing from or to Jira.