Scaffolding for Confluence

Create and manage structured pages using versatile forms and Live templates. Most scalable form solution


Installation Guide

This installation guide will get you up and running in no time.

Find out how

Evaluator's Guide

Trying out Scaffolding? Get to know how to use the features to complement your Confluence solutions.


Tutorials and Guides

A repository of guides for Scaffolding. Instant solutions to get you up and running almost immediately.

Macro Reference

A complete lexicon of all the macros provided with Scaffolding.

Administrator Guide

A Scaffolding guide for Confluence administrators.


Developer Guide

Developers can extend Scaffolding usability with REST API.

Use Cases

Find out what's possible when you combine Scaffolding with other great add-ons.


Demo Site

Get hands on with Scaffolding on our interactive live demo site. Includes use cases you can try yourself.

Get Help

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