Files List


Adds a dropdown list which shows the current page's attachments, or another page's attachments as specified in the field configuration. User can then select an attachment.

Example usage:

  • Specify a screenshot of an error message of a troubleshooting article.

  • Specify an image of a product requirement form.

  • Specify a link to an invoice associated to an order form.

When viewing the page, the selected attachment is displayed as the filename and hyperlinked to the attachment.

Field settings

NameRequiredDefault ValueDescription
Field name
A descriptive name for this field. This field name is mandatory, and must be unique.
Blank (current space)
The page the files are attached to. If left blank, the current page is used.
If checked, the user must select an attachment (mandatory) and this field cannot be empty.

Editor view

Macro/Field edit view