Labels List


Creates a dropdown with a preset list of labels that a user can select. These labels will then be applied to the page.

This has the same effect as manually adding labels to a Confluence page, but using a labels list helps to reduce labelling errors and to enforce content workflows.

Field settings (parameters)

NameRequiredDefault ValueDescription
Field name

A descriptive name for this field. A random name is generated by default.

(info) You can also key in your own field name, which can be useful when integrating Scaffolding with other apps such as Reporting for Confluence. The field name is mandatory, and must be unique.
Helper Text

Gives context or additional information about a field input. It will appear at the bottom of the field.

The helper text will only appear when you edit the content, not when viewing it.


You can add labels which are currently being used in the Confluence instance by selecting them from the dropdown list.

You can also add new labels to the list by typing or pasting them in. Click the Create button to add them to the list.

Allow Multiple


(Not enabled)

If enabled, allows more than one label to be chosen from the dropdown.


(Not enabled)

If enabled, the user must select a label (mandatory) and this field cannot be empty.

Macro/Field edit view


  1. To make the best use of this feature, use it with the Live Template macro.
  2. If you enable the Required option, you will not be able to Publish Content in editor view until you have selected a date. An example error message is shown below. Alternatively, you can click Cancel to discard the changes.