Short Text


A field for entering smaller amounts of textual data which don't require line breaks. Usually used for fields such as name, job title, department, etc. Only plain text is supported.

The Short Text field will automatically format URLs to make them clickable links when the page is published, for example,

Field settings (parameters)

NameRequiredDefault ValueDescription
Field name

A descriptive name for this field. A random name is generated by default.

(info) You can also key in your own field name, which can be useful when integrating Scaffolding with other apps such as Reporting for Confluence. The field name is mandatory, and must be unique.
An additional hint, description, or example of the information required for this particular field. These hints disappear when the user types in the field.
If checked, the user must key in a number (mandatory) and this field cannot be empty.

Macro/Field edit view


  1. If you enable the Required option, you will not be able to Save Changes in editor mode until you have entered some text. An example error message is shown below. Alternatively, you can click Cancel to discard the changes.

  2. This field does not support line breaks, so it will ignore the Enter (Return) key. If you paste in text which has line breaks, all the line breaks are converted to spaces.