Creates a table which supports dynamic addition or deletion of rows.

Any field type other than Table itself can be used inside its cells.

Table is a meta field which hold other fields like Short Text, Paragraph, Number, Date and more.

The Table field currently has only one field setting. You can also refer to this user guide page on how to create a dynamic table.

Field settings (parameters)

NameRequiredDefault ValueDescription
Field name

A descriptive name for this field. A random name is generated by default.

(info) You can also key in your own field name, which can be useful when integrating Scaffolding with other apps such as Reporting for Confluence. The field name is mandatory, and must be unique.
Helper Text

Gives context or additional information about a field input. It will appear at the bottom of the field.

The helper text will only appear when you edit the content, not when viewing it.

Macro/Field edit view