Set up a default value for the List Data macro


Scaffolding's Adding a dropdown list of users macro doesn't have an out-of-the-box option for default values in its structure but there is a workaround to this limitation using Reporting for Confluence.  


  • Scaffolding

  • Confluence Server and Data Center



  1. Create a Hidden Data macro.

  2. Within the Hidden Data macro, create a Report Block macro.

  3. Within the Report Block macro, create a Local Reporter macro, Report Body macro, and Report Empty macro.

  4. Within the Report Empty macro, create a Set Data macro and give it a name.
    In this example, we will name it "test".

  5. Inside the Set Data macro, input the value you wish to be default.

  6. In the Local Reporter macro, set the Key parameter to "data:test".
    (This is the name of the Set Data macro holding our default value.)

You can see this example in action at our Demo site.

Macro structure: