Content Options


Generates a set of options linking to Confluence content (e.g. pages, blog posts, etc).

May be filtered in several ways. Must be contained inside a List Data macro.


NameRequiredAvailable InDefault ValueDescription




Only lists pages from the specified list of spaces.



Only immediate children of the specified page will be listed. You can specify both the page and space key here, but this must be done using the standard Confluence link syntax.

e.g.: "KEY:Page Name". Combining with 'spaces' will help efficiency.



Any descendant of the specified page will be listed.



 Specifies the type of pages that will be listed. May be one of:

  • all - (default) All page types are returned.
  • parents - Only pages with children are listed.
  • children - Only pages with no children are listed.



Specify labels which the content may contain ('xxx'), must contain ('+yyy') or may not contain ('-zzz').


  • "foo, bar": must have either 'foo' or 'bar'.
  • "+foo, -bar": must have 'foo', cannot have 'bar'.




Available in v5.0.5. Maximum number of searches a user should see, an integer greater than 0.

In Scaffolding 5.0.5 until 5.2.7, there exists an error where it doesn't accept the "100" default value.

Edit the value to something other than "100" to ensure this macro works fine.

This issue has been fixed in version 5.2.8.

Sort By


Specifies the Sort mode of the content options list by:

  • Page title
  • Date created
  • Date modified
  • By favourite page.

Order By


Specifies the order mode for the selected option in "Sort by" parameter to be either:

  • Ascending
  • Descending

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