Get Data


Displays stored field data. Numbers and dates can be formatted as desired. Try it out here

To display data from other pages or spaces, consider using the Reporting add-on.


NameRequiredAvailable InMigratable to Cloud?Default ValueDescription
name (Field Name)
Server, Data Center

The name of the field. Must be unique.

May be a field path:

  • For non-repeating data - Field Name
  • For group-data - Group Name.Field Name
  • For repeating data such as table-data or repeating-data - Group Name.Row Number.Field Name (Note: 1st row has a number of 0)

See example under Notes section.

format (Display Format)
Server, Data Center
The number format (e.g. '#,##0.00') or date format (e.g. 'dd MMM yyyy') to use when parsing the value being set. The parameter will be ignored for data types other than 'number' or 'date'.
Server, Data Center

If the item/key points to a list of results, the type of separator to display between each item. May be one of the following:

  • bracket - Square brackets ('[', ']') surrounding each item.
  • brace - Braces ('{', '}') surrounding each item.
  • comma - A comma (',') between each item.
  • paren - Parentheses ('(', ')') surrounding each item.
  • pipe - A pipe ('|') between each item.
  • newline - A line break after each item.
  • "custom" - Any other character you wish, specified between quotes.
Server, Data Center
What you wish to use as a separator, only used when custom is selected for Separator.

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Accessing Non-Repeating Data


Accessing Group-Data



Accessing Table-Data or Repeating-Data

 || Table || 
 | {text-data:text}{text-data} | 


{get-data:table.0.text}To access first row of table.text{get-data} 

{get-data:repeat.1.text1}To access second row of repeat.text{get-data} 

Unlike Report Info, this macro can tell when it is inside a scaffolding Table Data or Repeating Data macro and will access locally-stored properties within the repeating section.

Tutorial Examples