Set Data


Allows entering of text in a single- or multiple-line text field.


NameRequiredAvailable InDefault ValueDescription

[default] / name



The name of the set data field. Must be unique.




The type of field to display. May be one of the following:

  • text - (default) Text data.
  • number - An integer or decimal value.
  • date - A date.
  • boolean - A true/false value.
  • content - A link to a single Confluence page/news item. e.g. "SPACEKEY:My Page" or just "My Other Page".
  • attachment - A link to a page/news item attachment. E.g. '^mypicture.jpg'.
  • user - A link to a registered user. This is their username, not their full name. E.g. "jtkirk" or "administrator".




The number format (e.g. "#,##0.00") or date format (e.g. "dd MMM yyyy") to use when parsing the value being set.

The parameter will be ignored for data types other than "number" or "date". This is basically required when the data type is "date", since the default date format is unlikely to be used when setting a date.




When set to "true", the value being set will not be displayed to the page viewer.




The value to set. You can alternatively use the body of the macro, which is useful if setting more complex wiki markup.




When set to "wiki", the text will be rendered in wiki markup. Otherwise, the text will just be displayed as plain text.

Note: Deprecated.

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Be careful when combining with other Scaffolding macros. The Set Data macro may not be nested within a Repeating Data macro or a Group Data macro.

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