User Options


Creates a set of list options linking to users matching the filter options.

Must be contained inside a List Data macro.


NameRequiredAvailable InMigratable to Cloud?Default ValueDescription



Server, Data Center

Users may list groups separated by comma. e.g. group1, group2, etc.

Only users in the specified groups will be listed.



Server, Data Center

Only users with the required access to the specified spaces will be listed. Permissions can be specified for each space. You can use '@self' as the spacekey for the current space. e.g.:

  • SPACEKEY:view - (default permission) Only users with view access to the SPACEKEY will be listed.
  • SPACEKEY:edit - Only users with edit access to the space will be listed.
  • SPACEKEY:admin - Only users with administration access to the space will be listed.
  • SPACEKEY:blog - Only users who can post a blog (a.k.a. News) message will be listed.



Server, Data Center

Only the specified users will be listed.



Server, Data Center


If set to "all", the user must match all settings specified.

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