Using the Course Macro

The Course macro displays information about a course. This includes the course title, description, as well as status and progress of enrollment of the current user.

A typical course will look like this:

The macro is an interface for you to start, stop, resume, complete or withdraw from a course. The macro will show you the enrollment status depending on your progress.

Starting a course

By clicking the Start course button in the macro, you are automatically enrolled into the course. This will launch a course player in a new browser tab, showing the course content. You may need to allow your browser to open tabs.

The Course macro will reflect this change, by changing the status to CONFIRMED.

Stopping a course

At anytime, you can stop or pause the course by closing the course player tab.

The Course macro will reflect your progress, by changing the status to IN PROGRESS and the button text to Resume course.

Resuming a course

To resume a course, click the Resume course button. This will open up the course player in a new tab, showing the screen where you left off previously.

Completing a course

If you finish all the course content (and quizzes, where applicable), the status will be updated to either COMPLETED - PASSED or COMPLETED - FAILED, and the button text will change to Review course.

Reviewing a course

After completion, you may still go through the course in a read-only mode. Your progress will not be recorded and will not impact your completion data.

To review a completed course, click the Review course button.

Withdrawing from a course

If you have an active enrollment, you may click on the Withdraw course at anytime. Your progress will be erased and you will be able to start a new enrollment by clicking the Start course button.