Report Supplier


Provides access to information about the current report.

Inside any report, this supplier will give access to the content (page/news item/etc) and other information about the currently reported item.



Report Supplier



Supported Content:

No content required, but must be within a report.

Provided By:

Reporting, from version 1.3

Supported Keys

The following are the list of keys which this supplier will return a value for.


Content Types

Return Type


The item currently being reported on. Could be anything.
item number
The number of the current item in the set of items being reported on. For example, the first item in a report will have the number '1'.
item outline [X]
Provides a numeric "outline" of nesting for the reported item using the provided separator parameter which is “.” by default. If the current report is embedded within an outer report, it will have the pattern "X.X" (e.g.: "1.2", "2.5", etc.).
current content
The current content being reported on. If the item being reported on is not a page, news item or similar (e.g.: a user, a group or other object type), the content will be inherited from any parent reporters, or from the root content object if none are present.
root content
The content (page, news item, etc) which contains the top-level report in this HTTP request.
The parent report object, if one exists.
(Since 3.3.0) The query being executed in the current report.


Auto-numbered Rows

Displays the row/item number of the report in a column.



{report-column:title=#}{report-info:report:item number}{report-column}