How do I use Recipes that use the Storage Format with the Confluence Source Editor?

Our recipes are shared using Confluence Storage Format, the XHTML-based format that Confluence uses to store the content of pages, page templates, blueprints, blog posts and comments.

(warning) For more information on the Confluence Storage Format, view the documentation by Atlassian.

Using our recipes with the Confluence Source Editor

  1. To use the recipes in your pages, you (or the Confluence admin) will need to install the Confluence Source Editor app on your Confluence.

  2. Once installed, create a new page and save it.

  3. Then Edit the page again, and you will see the < > Icon in the top right corner of the Editor:

  4. Click the icon and the Confluence Source Editor will then load.

  5. Paste the Recipe storage format into the editor and save the page.