Customizing the look and feel of your survey

Survey customization allows you to deliver a consistent brand experience to your customers. By customizing the logo, banner color and success message, you can design the survey's look and feel. 

Inserting a logo into the survey

  1. In your JSM project, select Project settings > Survey settings in the sidebar (you may need to scroll down first).

  2. In the Survey Settings window, scroll down to the Customize Survey section and click Customize. The Customize Survey page will open.

  3. Click on Upload/Edit Image, and a window will pop-up. 

  4. Click Upload/Edit Image in the window to upload the logo. Next, click Save to complete the changes. 

Changing the color of the banner

  1. Click the Show Color button to toggle the switch to (tick). It will open the Choose Color feature. 

  2. Click Choose Color, pick a color from the color palette or insert your own color code. 

Configuring the success message 

  1. Click the text field and fill in your success message content. 

  2. Click the text field under the Done button URL section and insert the URL to redirect your users when they click the "Done" button on the survey. 

Previewing the survey customization

  1. Click Preview after all the customization is complete. 

  2. You can preview the satisfaction survey content with the logo and banner color. Click Submit to view the success message with the "Done" button.