Easy Dynamic Templates For Scaffolding

Scaffolding Forms & Templatesportfolio of predefined Easy Dynamic Templates are designed to get your teams
up and running quickly with the structure and formatting to keep content organized. Rather than creating a new page from scratch, content contributors can use a template and be confident they are contributing the right information in the correct format. Using templates for Confluence increases content visibility and accessibility, content consumption, and improves overall content creation efficiency and productivity.

  • Take on new projects and complete current projects efficiently

  • Discuss, record, and finalize your project decisions with this template.

  • A Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) page is a useful way to organize information your readers often request. This self-help page will reduce time spent responding to common questions.

  • Writing a how-to article is a great way to share your expertise with other people.  Empower your team and customers to do just about anything with this easy to follow template.

  • Meetings are bound to happen. Stay focused and productive with a well structured meeting notes template.

  • A single-hub page for new hires to understand their roles and get ready to help their teams as soon as possible.

  • Define your project goals, deliverables, and deadlines up front.

  • A template created in purpose to help oversee a project throughout its plan and how is it fruited.

  • Let`s discuss what has been happening whether it is a product release, project, or any other activities by doing a retrospective.

  • A manual with a set of standards and best practices for the writing, formatting and design of documents. 

  • Create a page to highlight your team members, accomplishments and successes. This template provides an easy framework to get started and allows easy sharing of the page.

  • Got a lot on your plate? Not to worry, now you can keep track of everything with this to-do list template. List them, categorize them, prioritize them, and then get to work!

  • Troubleshooting articles allows perfect document solutions for commonly encountered problems. A straight-forward, concise article can quickly guide customers to fast problem resolution.

  • Make every meeting productive and avoid redundant discussions in recurring meetings by capturing meeting agendas and notes.

Wondering how to install Easy Dynamic Templates at your instance?