FAQ template

A Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) page is a useful way to organize information your readers often request. This self-help page will reduce time spent responding to common questions.

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An FAQ page contains a list of questions and answers pertaining to a particular topic. The idea is to keep the answers short and direct so that people find the information they need quickly. This template helps you with just that. You can easily build a set of questions and answers in a single page or categorize it by specific topics in multiple pages. To create this page, start with a list of the most commonly asked questions and answers.

How to use the FAQ template:

Step 1. Write an overview

Give a brief overview of the specific focus of this FAQ in the Text Data macro.

Step 2. Add your questions and answers

Add your questions and answers in the Repeating Data macro. It's recommended to write questions from the point of view of your customers and provide complete, yet concise, answers.



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