Style guide template

A manual with a set of standards and best practices for the writing, formatting and design of documents. 

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A style guide establishes standard style requirements to improve the message and communication across an organisation by ensuring consistency both within an article, and across multiple articles. Because practices vary, a style guide helps to set out standards to be used in areas such as writing style, page structure, formatting, certain procedures and other areas. The style guide may require certain best practices in usage, language composition and visual composition. This template has examples that you could use to start writing a documentation style guide.

How to use the Style guide template:

Step 1. Provide an overview

Write a brief overview of the style guide you're creating and describe your target audience in the Text Data macro.

Step 2. Define the goal

In short sentences, describe your goal of creating the style guide and how it may align with the purpose in the Text Data macro.

Step 3. Add notes

Include relevant notes that people should be aware of when referring to the guide.

Step 4. Define writing style

List down writing styles that are important to note in the Repeating Data macro. E.g. Using language that’s easy for everyone to understand.

Step 5. Define the formatting

Outline the formatting that should be followed in the Repeating Data macro. E.g. Capitalization, emboldening, code snippet.

Step 6. Define page structure

Set the standards of page structure to use in the Repeating Data macro.

Step 7. Define procedures

Detail out the procedures that people has to follow through in the Repeating Data macro.



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Wondering how to install EDT at your instance?

A simple step by step video is ready.  Here at Youtube!