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Whether it is a project or day-to-day operations, it can be quite a challenge to guess the bandwidth of the team. Capacity planning can be difficult for organizations of any size. It requires a delicate balance between real-time employee availability, available dollars in the budget, and the demand for work from customers, partners, or other stakeholders. We’ve created this handy template to help you better understand how to manage employee capacity, allocate employee resources, and most importantly, maximize efficiency.

How to use the Capacity planning template:

Step 1: Assess team availability upfront

How much available employee capacity does your organization have? How do sick time and vacations affect employee capacity? The template offers a section to track active projects and any planned time off to understand existing capacity prior to starting a new project. This capacity planning template will make it easy for you to measure team capacity and better understand project staffing needs.

Step 2: Fill out the team capacity table

In the table, list each team member's role, their name, task, the percentage of time they dedicate to projects, and the total weekly hours they spend on projects. To build an overall sense of your team’s capacity, group similar roles together in Table Data macro from week to week.



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Wondering how to install EDT at your instance?

A simple step by step video is ready.  Here at Youtube!