Project status template

A template created in purpose to help oversee a project throughout its plan and how is it fruited.

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When doing a project, there are a lot of things that need to be taken care of and it is not unusual when things are sidetracked or redundant effort is happening as there is no board to keep the updates. This template purpose is to help that by creating a board where the team can always refer back to as the project status and summary will be recorded in this page.

How to use the Project status template:

Step 1: Recurring summary

As the project is going on, there will be a recurring meeting happening to make sure that the project is going well by discussing any pain points and how is the status of the project components/phases. In the Summary section, each of these meetings can be recorded with date included, it will act as a the meeting history so the team can always refer back to it and what was the status. This can be used in the next meeting to see how the project progresses and if any immediate action is needed.

Step 2: The project status

At the Project Status section, we can list those for a top-level status of each component for the team to see how much percentage that is left for it to be completed. Not just that, it can also show how many components left are needed for the project is complete. This will help the team to prioritize what needs to look for first before any other components.

Step 3: What has been done, what's next, and the risks

After the project component has been listed, we can show the Jira ticket associated with those components in the provided panel. In the panel, we are using the Jira issue macro to list the issues which are actually controlled with Scaffolding List Data macro and Reporting Report On macro. This can be modified to set what kind of JQL that will be used to retrieve the tickets. The examples are using labels and status as their conditions.



Hosting platform

Server, Data Center

Expand to use this template in your instance using storage format. Our quick start video will help you get up and running fast!

Wondering how to install EDT at your instance?

A simple step by step video is ready.  Here at Youtube!