Retrospective template

Let`s discuss what has been happening whether it is a product release, project, or any other activities by doing a retrospective.

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For every project, events, or development, we ought to look back and review how is it running so far to improve ourselves to be better. Not just that, this is also to make sure that what needs to be worked on is going as planned. With this Retrospective template, the purpose is to record and discuss any points that held down the project and how to make it better.

How to use the Retrospective template:

Step 1: The participants

Before we started, we need to provide whose retrospective is this by stating the team and its participants. Not just that, specify the date so they could check whether there is any change after the date of the retrospective is conducted. Else, maybe another retrospective is needed.

Step 2: The background

To know what is the retrospective about, we need to specify the background why is it needed to have one. Provide a brief summary of what is the retrospective for, such as; a project or a development plan and why is it needed. Then, what will be the general result of the retrospective?

Step 3: The good and the bad

At the Retrospective section, we jump down to the business. Talk with the team and its participants, what has been doing good so far, and what should be kept for the entire project or development plan. Then, what has been hindering the plan that ought to be stopped? List them in the provided table so the team can always refer to it back whenever they forgot about it.

Step 4: Let's work it out

With the list is now created in the Retrospective section, to actually stop what has been not working or continue what is good is not a simple thing. Discuss what kind of actions that can help what is listed in the Retrospective by listing them in the Action items section. With this, the team will know the action that can help them keeping what is good and stop those that are bad.



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Wondering how to install EDT at your instance?

A simple step by step video is ready.  Here at Youtube!