Meeting notes template

Meetings are bound to happen. Stay focused and productive with a well structured meeting notes template.

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Meeting notes are a useful review document for the meeting decisions. They also act as an accountability tool by assigning action items to the people in charge. However, conflicts in schedules and emergencies may happen and some individuals won’t make it to the meeting. By creating meeting notes, both attendees and absentees can have something to refer to. Using meeting notes can ensure that everyone is on the same page and knows what are the goals of the company and how to reach them. Prepare your meeting notes in advance with this template by writing down the things you know beforehand, like date, goals, agenda items. This way you will only have to add the things that you discussed, like the outcome, action items and decisions of the meeting.

How to use the Meeting notes template:

Step 1. When is it? Who's coming?

When a meeting is called, a date needs to be set followed by the participants. Add the date of the meeting and list the participants so everyone knows when the meeting was held and who to ask if further clarification is needed.

Step 2. State the goal

Describe the agenda or purpose of the meeting and the outcome you're looking for so that everyone is aligned with what the meeting is all about.

Step 3. Take note of the discussion

When the meeting starts, the note-taker is expected to keep an accurate record of what transpires during that period. The notes must clearly state the outcome of each point of discussion. Collect all the necessary information and record them in the Discussion topics section.

Step 4. Track action items and decisions

Gathering everyone together for a meeting takes resources and logistics commitments. To make it worth the effort, attendees need to leave with clear action items and an understanding of how their assigned action item helps to reach larger goals. Action items are the next steps necessary to achieve your goals after a meeting. Also, don't forget to jot down the decisions that are made in the meeting.

Step 5. Post meeting update

Do remember the action items that need to be worked on or still pending. When it is done, update its status accordingly. It's also good for participants to check whether all of the required action items have been completed or otherwise.



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Wondering how to install EDT at your instance?

A simple step by step video is ready.  Here at Youtube!