On-boarding template

A single-hub page for new hires to understand their roles and get ready to help their teams as soon as possible.

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All aboard! Ask anyone about their experience when joining a new team or company, and they will tell you that the on-boarding process is very important. This is the first real exposure that the new team member will have with the team. How things are done, who everyone is, what they need to do to prepare themselves for the journey ahead. It's an important first step, and this template will help prepare the necessary exercises, documentation, and links that the new members will use.

How to use the On-boarding template:

Step 1. Welcome on board!

What better way to welcome someone into the team than with a welcoming message? Simply, input the name of the new hire (as well as their mentor), and the names will be automatically filled into the welcome message. You can also add in an overall estimate of when they need to complete the 'On-boarding plan', and who they will be reporting to. A few years down the line, the (not-so) new member will look back on this page with nostalgia.

Step 2. What's the plan?

With the introduction and the welcoming messages done, let's get to business. First, provide some links that help the new hires understand their roles, the team purpose and even the company's objectives. Next, explain the purpose of the on-boarding plan, what you expect them to do, and what the expected outcomes are. This helps them focus on the objectives at hand.

Step 3. Let's break the ice

It's important to give a brief introduction of the team to the new member. Not only will it help form relationships with the team, but it will also recognize and identify everyone's expertise. In case your new hire runs into an issue, he/she can refer to the on-boarding page to find the right person from whom to seek help, making it easier to finish the on-boarding plan. And hey, they may have similar interests or hobbies with their new colleagues, helping them to bond faster.

Step 4. Remember to celebrate the milestones

As your new hires go through the on-boarding plan, record when they have reached their milestones. With the "Milestones" page, the mentor or team buddy can record these successful achievements out and use them to track the new hires progress. This helps mentors know whether things have been working smoothly or are ahead of schedule. In case they produce outstanding work, the mentor or team buddy can highlight it through a note for the tasks so that they receive the recognition they deserve!



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Wondering how to install EDT at your instance?

A simple step by step video is ready.  Here at Youtube!