Weekly meeting notes

Make every meeting productive and avoid redundant discussions in recurring meetings by capturing meeting agendas and notes.

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Whether it is a sync, a catchup, an all-hands meeting, or even a project-specific meeting, recurring meetings are an inevitable part of business life. With that in mind, ensure that the meetings are productive and tackle the relevant topics by using this meeting notes template to create a clear agenda, keep the meeting focused, capture important discussion points and decisions.

How to use the Weekly meeting notes:

Step 1. State the meeting purpose

You are meeting for a reason, a purpose, so this need to be clearly laid out in the meeting agenda. Why are we meeting? What will be discussed? Provide a brief overview plus discussion topics and meeting outcome goals of to keep participants on track. 

Step 2. List action items

Throughout the meeting, there will be action items that you need to track. Use "Action items" section to list the tasks that need to be completed. Set the status of each task accordingly to track its progress.

Step 3. Take detailed meeting minutes

It's important to take and maintain detailed meeting minutes or notes.  Since most of us don't have a perfect memory, "Meeting notes" can serve as the official record of the discussion and decisions. Since the notes remain on the page, attendees can refer to it at any point to review information and check on action items identified in the meeting.



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Wondering how to install EDT at your instance?

A simple step by step video is ready.  Here at Youtube!