Use Cases

Extensive guides

Extensive guides for you to supercharge your productivity with our apps and make the best use of your Confluence.


Project Management

Manage a new cafe opening with Scaffolding and Reporting reports

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Manage Passwords

Manage your passwords in Confluence.

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Track Users

Build a user tracking dashboard for admins.

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Project Overviews

Creating a project overview dashboard and progress checklist

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Incoming Links

An alternative to the Incoming Link macro using Reporting

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Comala Workflows

Report on Comala Workflows data.

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Recipes included

Recipes are provided. Save the hassle of building these use cases from scratch. Refer to our tutorial on how to use recipes.

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Knowledge Base

Set up a knowledge base with Scaffolding.

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Moderate Content

Build a Content Moderator Dashboard.

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Create Surveys

Create a survey system in Confluence.

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Project Visualization

Visualizing your project with an overview dashboard

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Salesforce Reports

Building Salesforce reports in Confluence.

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