Part 1 - Building the Salesforce Account pull-down menu

In this section, we'll build a Salesforce account selector where the user will be able to select what Account to filter by using a pulldown menu with a list of available Salesforce Accounts. This is built using a combination of Scaffolding and Reporting apps.

To select the account, the user will then have to click the Edit Contents button on the Confluence page.


Source code

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  1. Add a List Data macro and set its Name parameter to "AccountName".

  2. Within the List Data macro, create a Report Block macro.

  3. Within the Report Block macro, add a SOQL Reporter macro.
    Set the Query parameter to "Select Name from Account".

  4. Back within the Report Block, create a Report Body macro.

  5. Within the Report Body macro, add a List Option macro.
    Set its Value parameter to "%sf:Name%"
    Do the same with the Label parameter and set the value to "%sf:Name%".

Macro structure

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