Creating a project overview dashboard and progress checklist

As a project manager and as a Confluence administrator, you'll want the ability to track and see the progress of your team as well as have a detailed view of their task lists.

This use case shows you how to build an all-in-one complete one-stop solution using Reporting, Scaffolding, Linking, Visibility and Composition.

Admin dashboard


Product manager dashboard

Team member dashboard

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Confluence apps

You will need the following ServiceRocket apps installed on your Confluence.

You will also need the following third-party app installed:

Complete source code

The following source code is shared using Confluence Storage Format, the XHTML-based format that Confluence uses to store the content of pages, page templates, blueprints, blog posts and comments.

For more information on how to use this source code on your Confluence, read the following article:

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Building this use case

Complete macro structure

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