Part 1 - Creating a survey template

We'll start by creating a space template for the survey.

By the end of this section you will have something that looks like this:

Source code

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  1. Go to Space tools > Content Tools > Templates.

  2. Click Create New Template.

  3. Set the title of the Template to "Survey".

  4. Add a 2x2 table.
    In the first column, type in "How do you rate our services?" and "How can we improve our services?" respectively for each cell.

  5. In the second column, add a List Data macro in the first row and a Text Data macro in the second row. 

  6. Set the Name parameter in List Data macro to "Rate".

  7. Add 5 List Option macros.

  8. For the first List Option macro set the Value and Label parameters to "5 - Very good" and set the sortvalue to "1".

  9. For the Second List Option macro set the Value and Label parameters to "4 -  good" and set the sortvalue to "2".

  10. For the third List Option macro set the Value and Label parameters to "3 - Neither good nor poor" and set the sortvalue to "3".

  11. For the fourth List Option macro set the Value and Label parameters to "2 - Poor" and set the sortvalue to "4".

  12. For the fifth List Option macro set the Value and Label parameters to "1 - Very poor" and set the sortvalue to "5".

  13. Edit Text Data macro in the second row and set the Name parameter to "Comment".

  14. Save the page.

Macro structure

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