Administrator guide

This guide walks the Jira administrator through the process of setting up the various functions of this app.

Workflow post-function - copy issue

  1. Go into the Workflows section and find the workflow you want to edit.
  2. Go into the Transition you are interested in - or create the transition (e.g. "Raise Problem")

  3. Click on the Post Function tab

  4. Go to the Cog Icon > Add to add a post-function

  5. Select Copy Issue Function

  6. Select the relevant parameters:


    The project to copy into, including Current Project

    Issue Type

    The issue type to copy into, including Current Issue Type


    What type of link should this create, including Do not link and Subtask

  7. Save your transition and publish your workflow.

Workflow post-function - copy project

This is a highly specialised add-on for administrators in order to manage a large set of projects in Jira. The setup and usability of this add-on is a little advanced so please follow this page for best practices on how to use this add-on.

  1. To start go to Issue Types and create a custom Issue Type called "Project Creator".
  2. Go to Screens and create a custom Screen called "Project Create Screen"
  3. Go to Custom Fields and create the following Custom Fields.

    When creating these bind these to the issue type "Project Creator", and only show them on the screen "Project Create Screen"



Project Key

Text Field

Project Name

Text Field

Project Lead

User Picker

Project URL

URL Field

Project Description

Free Text Field

On completion your screen should look like this:

  1. Go to Workflows and definte a workflow for creating projects.
  2. Add a new "Transition" back to the same Destination Step called "Create New Project"
  3. Set the Transition Screen to "Project Create Screen"
  4. On this transition add a new Post-Function called "Copy Project Function"
  5. Set the following values:




    Template Project Key

    The value of the project configuration that you wish to copy

    Target Project Key Custom Field

    Project Key

    Target Project Name Custom Field

    Project Name

    Target Project Lead Custom Field

    Project Lead

    Target Project URL Custom Field

    Project URL

    Target Project Description Custom Field

    Project Description

    Target Project Category

    The fixed value of Project Category

    I decided to fix the Project Category to a specific value per button, but in future I may make this a custom field value also.
    Please let me know your thoughts on

  6. Move this post-function under "Update change history for an issue and store the issue in the database."

  7. Publish your workflow

Custom fields - group user select list

Two new Custom Fields that allow users to be selected from a particular group.

  • Go to Administration -> Custom Fields and create the new Custom Fields of type:

    Group Multi User Select List

    Select multiple users from within a group

    Group Single User Select List

    Select a single user from within a group

Once the fields are created, click the Cog Icon then Configure > Edit Options, and select the groups that apply.

Custom fields - time to comment

This custom field allows you to show the time between the creation of the issue and the first comment.

Currently the Configure options of this custom field does not do anything

Custom fields - last comments

This custom field allows you to show the last few comments on an issue. By default, only the first 200 characters of the last comment will be displayed.

Editing the Settings

By going to the Latest Comments Configuration screen, you are able to change the number of comments displayed, the maximum number of characters shown for each comment and change the order that comments are displayed in.

To edit Last Comment settings:

  1. Go to Cog Icon  > Issues
  2. In the sidebar, under the Fields heading, click Custom Fields
  3. On your chosen custom field, go to the small Cog Icon (on the right) > Configure

  4. Click Edit Options


  5. The Latest Comments Configuration screen will appear.