Error! Failed to Load a Valid ServiceRocket Jira Utility Plugin License


"Error! Failed to load a valid ServiceRocket Jira Utility Plugin License" in comments field in the issue navigator, is shown.


It might be due to an expired or unapplied license, and the field in the issue navigator relies on this add-on.


Generate and apply the license.

Note that this add-on requires a license purchased from ServiceRocket before it can be used. Some add-on licences are free and others may require a purchase.

To install the add-on license:

  1. Go to the appropriate add-on section in your JIRA Admin section:
    Cog Icon  > JIRA Admin > ServiceRocket plugins > ServiceRocket JIRA Utilities Plugin License Details.
  2. Upload the generated license file by clicking Choose File.
  3. Click Install.
  4. Your license will now be displayed under Current License.

For more information about licensing, visit our page Installing JIRA Utilities