How to replace Show To and Hide From macros with Show If and Hide If macros


In this knowledge base article, we'll guide you on how to replace the deprecated Hide From and Show To macros with the Hide If and Show If macros.


Older versions of Visibility (prior to version 5.0.0 ) used to have two macros that have now been deprecated:

  • Hide From
  • Show To


  1. Keep a back-up of the space that you'd like to perform changes on as a safety measure.

  2. Install Search and Replace.

  3. Navigate to General configurationSearch and Replace.

  4. Select "Search and Replace".

  5. Enter "show-to" or "hide-from" in the Search parameter.

  6. Enter "show-if" in the Replace With parameter if you want to replace the Show To macro.
    Enter "hide-if" in the Replace With parameter if you want to replace the Hide From macro.

  7. Click on Replace All.