Features and Use Cases

This page lists down all the features and different uses of the Workplace & Jira Connector.

Viewing Issues on Workplace

The Jira Issue View feature of the Connector is a handy feature in Workplace for users to easily view Jira issues shared in a Workplace Post or Comment. The view gives a summarized version of some of the important information from the Issue shared. Clicking on the card opens the Jira Issue in a new window.

Refer to the image below for an anatomy of the Jira Issue View card:

Sharing and Tracking Posts of an Issue in Workplace

A key feature of the Workplace & Jira Connector is its ability to track where an Issue has been shared in Workplace, as well as Share an Issue from a Jira to Workplace.

After installing the Connector in Jira the Workplace & Jira Connector a view on a Jira Issue view will be available:

The side view provides 2 functionalities:

  1. A button to directly share the Issue in Workplace by opening a new window of Workplace with the link of the issue.
  2. List and count all of the Workplace Posts where the Issue has been shared.

Bot Features and Commands List

The Connector also helps integrates Workplace and Jira notifications and updates more seamlessly via its Bot. 

Here are the full set of Bot features:

  • Retrieve information of a Jira Issue
  • Subscribe and get notifications on events to a Jira Issue
  • Get a list of Projects based on user permissions
  • Get a list of Jira instances connected to your Workplace instance

Bot Commands List

Command (not case-sensitive) Description
Help Lists all commands in the chat
Info <Issue key> Provides a short summary of the Issue with links to Jira
Subscribe <Issue key> Subscribes user to all updates happening to the Issue
Unsubscribe <Issue key> Unsubscribes user to all updates happening to the Issue
Unsubscribe-all Unsubscribes user to all updates to all Issues
List Subscriptions Lists all Jira Issues the user is subscribed to
List Projects Lists all Jira Projects the user has access to
List Jira Lists all Jira instances the user has access to